Vlogging is Here to Stay

Video Blogging (Vlogging) is fun and more appealing to your audience than traditional blogging. A decade since its inception (or conception?), it is still going strong with some vloggers on media sites such as Youtube and it still looks like the future of blogging to me.

While by definition, vlogging has to be mostly text-less and pure video based blogging (or publishing), many bloggers are more interested in a hybrid approach:

– Posting a video on Youtube
– Blogging about the same and embedding that video
– Social market the video as well as the blog post

Monetizing the video with AdSense or similar products is the next logical step.

Why Vlogging has more relevance now?

Well, in my opinion, both photo blogging and video blogging will gain more popularity in the years to come purely because of the following reasons:

  • A video is more personalized and can pass the right emotions to the audience
  • Helps branding your content with a ‘face’ than a URL, text and icons
  • Social interaction and sharing is more for vlogs
  • People have no patience to read through pages of literature
  • Smart phones and Tablets are becoming more powerful when it comes to video playback, screen and memory capabilities
  • Bandwidth and Internet affordability is increasing every day
  • Video storage limits are ever-increasing on all video sites

Though I have been producing some videos of late and posting them on my Youtube channel, I haven’t been quite into vlogging yet. The stuff that I record and share are mainly how to stuff or more personal events and celebrations recording. I, however, have been posting them on my personal blog whenever time permits. Based on the success and positive feedback received by some of my recent videos, I get a feeling that I should do it more often.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vlogging

In my opinion, the following are some of the advantages of vlogging (over traditional blogging advantages)

  • Videos can be crisp and to the point
  • As I mentioned above, it’s more interesting (like watching a movie to reading a book)
  • It works great for How-Tos, Tutorials and event narration
  • People get to know the person behind
  • Can monetize with video or text ads

What about the disadvantages of video blogging?

Well, first, you need a proper technical infrastructure in place to start video blogging – i.e. A good flip camera for video blogging, video editing software and very good Internet bandwidth to update your vlog. In addition, you need some amount of video editing skills to make great vlogs.

Most importantly, you have to be a good speaker – and effective at that – to become a vlogger.

A vlog cannot change its content easily once uploaded and shared by people. You can only add a follow up vlog post in the best case or even delete the former one.

Not all content search engines find vlogs easily (though youtube scores well in Google as it’s their own company). In short, SEO is tough and that’s why many bloggers embed the video and blog about it again.

Lastly, vlogging tend to make some bloggers act or behave like news reporters while it works great with more casual approach.

That’s pretty much my views on vlogging. Now over to you. Have you been doing some kind of vlogging? What has been your experience?


  1. I love the idea of Video Blogging. Editing videos is something I have an interest for, but I suck in front of a camera and my recorded speech is like. .crap 😛 (pashu vellam kudikkulla? 😉

    Something I have set a goal to work on and improve. Hopefully I will have some videos coming up next year 🙂

    • I am really seeing/experiencing some advantages of videos of late. For people like me who hates to type in a lot, it may just be the right solution. And well, even I am not without any trouble in front of the camera lol. I keep re-shooting and editing till I get there.

      (By the way, the comments I post on your blog don’t seem to appear)

      • Oh no, that is sad, the comments thing. I looked in all spam and nothing seem to be there. Did it say that it was pending moderation? or at least return the comment number? (#comment-178716).

        This is one of the reasons to use Disqus and other alternate comments, you would never loose a comment.

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