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Web Hosting Geeks10 years back when I wanted to build a personal website, under my newly acquired web address (domain name), I had a very limited set of hosting options to choose from. It was like choosing a car in the 60s or 70s where all that you had to do was to go by the brand name and mostly you ended up spending more.

Of late, though, you have numerous choices available when it comes to the question of where to host your blog or web site. However, picking the right web hosting solution for your exact need can be tricky and that is where the subject matter experts – Web Hosting Geeks – can be your guide and reliable review and rating source.

Hosting reviews, ratings and other resources

Using WebHostingGeeks.com and arriving at a decision on which hosting service to go for can be as easy as 1-2-3. Their home page lists the top 10 web hosting services by current rank and rating. This list is updated on a regular basis as per the inputs and reviews from actual customers and review experts. Now, for example, if you want to go for the best linux hosting service or pick the best blog or forum hosting solution or any other given requirement such as pricing, features etc, a number of options are available for you at just one click! Against each of the hosting options, they have provided all the features available under the particular hosting plan and then reviews and feedback from hundreds of customer and webmaster. The latest reviews by actual users are available at the web hosting reviews section.


If you want to understand more about hosting technology or need help in arriving at informed decisions on hosting, you may read the relevant posts available at the web hosting blog. I found this blog pretty informative as it talks about anything from simple topics such as hosting prices and basic terminologies to advanced topics such as web security, fraud prevention, SEO and protocols.

Since 2004, Web Hosting Geeks has also been picking the best hosting solution in each hosting category on annual basis and award them. You can see the web hosting award winners listed at their website under respective categories.

So next time you are puzzled as to which hosting service meets your exact hosting requirements, just visit Web Hosting Geeks and you have your options readily available there!

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  1. you seem to be stuck with the web hosting topic. did you finally decide on one?

  2. @Vijay, 😆 nope… Yet to change. But looking at the rate charts and reviews they (WebHostingGeeks) have HostMonster (my hosting service) as well as their parent org BlueHost is rated pretty well 🙂 I am just wondering whether it is worth to take any risk now.

    However, if I change next time, I will go for a dedicated hosting that HostMonster doesn’t have.

  3. Well, the little lost blogger is trying to follow your journey here. This is some amazing information. I can only imagine the hours you spent trying to round all of this up! Impressive.

    Tammy Warren’s last blog post…The Troubles with Goals

  4. @Tammy, thanks for your compliments. Yep, some post topics requires some extensive research where as some are natually my favorite topics or work related stuff as well. For the latter, it is easy…

  5. Even now its really difficult to choose a best hosting provider..

  6. @Samrat, what really matters is the average opinion of actual users and customers. A hosting plan may offer you a dollar less, but before signing up all that you can do is to listen to those who used the services.

  7. In my lifelong unchanged opinion, HostGator is still the best hosting service out there as I have never had any trouble with them whatsoever

    Site Flipping Simon’s last blog post…The Website Flipping Dilemma

  8. @Simon, I hear that Host gator is pretty good… Any idea, how many domains are typically sitting on one server??? When I last pinged my server had some 700+ domain on it. Very rarely I get a CPU exceeded error, but usually no issues – I am with HostMonster

  9. Thank goodness for that resource. I can be hard to select a host and once you do you are so dependent on them. I’ve been with the same one for 5 years and in the last year it seems to have gone downhill a bit. I don’t want to change because it’s such a pain. I’m hoping to stay with them until I need a dedicated server – if that even happens. Thanks for the article Ajith.

  10. @Kim, You are welcome. Recently even I planned to change the host but I figured out from various sources – like the one above – that HostMonster is not that bad an option. A few people told me that HostGator is also good for shared hosting. The only reason for me to move would be the fact that HostMonster does not have a dedicated hosting plan…

    For the time being, shared hosting is okay… If this blog shoots up in subscription and daily hits, I may need to change 🙂

  11. I have been with GoDaddy since I began and never even thought of a change. Guess the thought of moving the database was daunting enough and also never had a problem with GoDaddy per se. Even now I have signed up for a couple of years with GoDaddy so moving will have to wait till then. A good post and good options too.

  12. @Rajiv, GoDaddy (Just like 1and1) used to have some good starter plans. Their ratings were not that good ealier, but I see that they have improved big time now. The rates are up as well, may be?

    I need to check out for a dedicated hosting plan once things ‘improve’ with respect to this blog.


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