Website reviews – Two birds with one stone

In a constant effort to improve your personal site or blog, you might want to take continuous feedback from others on how they feel about your site. Most of them time your friends and regular readers will provide invaluable positive comments which is always nice and a feel-good factor. But there will be a point of time where you – as an author – as well as your regular readers will be hesitant to changes with your content or style. This is exactly the situation where one needs to find an external reviewer.

Why would one go for reviews?
Getting your website reviewed has more than one purpose. Firstly, the reviews will unveil many aspects that you have ‘seen’ hundreds of times before, but not cared about. Professional reviews will force you to take actionable points on those items. The reviews will also point out your strengths that you can keep continue doing or writing about.

The other aspect of the review campaign is the traffic it is going to generate – for both short term and long term. For short term, the review request will attract thousands of reviewers to your site who start viewing and mentally preparing to review. Once the review (paid one) is done and published on the web, it has got tremendous long term impact whereby usually a good amount of permanent good quality traffic is built around it – searchwise and otherwise.

Paid and free reviews
There are a number of good quality paid review services available these days. Review Me and BuyBlogReviews are reasonably good review services. A paid review can cost you from couple of dollars to a few hundred bucks depending on who is reviewing it. Whatever be the case, usually things will end up good in your favor.

There are several free forums as well where you can request your site or blog to be reviewed. Digital Point Forums has been one of my personal favorites where they have a dedicated section for Website reviews. Though many forum members there concentrate on the style and theme, there are plenty others who provide inputs on your blog contents and services as well. For this blog, we got more than 100 unique visits and twenty plus valuable inputs in just two days – And we did make some content and style changes based on their opinion.

Now, what is preventing you from getting your site reviewed?

Note: Dollar$ has a dedicated section here on product reviews as well. If you are interested in getting your services reviewed by us, please get in touch. At the moment the reviews are considered for the following categories alone:-

– Hosting services
– SEO/SEM/Site Promotion
– Ad or Affiliate networks
– Online money maker options
– Work from home opportunities and services
– Related sites and software products


  1. Ajith good idea. Never thought of getting paid reviews myself though and even now I am not sure, but the ideas you have put forth are good and will improve the blog and improve visitor experience too. Keep sharing!

  2. Thanks Moser. Btw, are you signed up with PayPerPost, BuyBlogReviews or similar services? They are good to buy reviews as well as sell.


  3. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

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