What determines Your Conversion Rate as a Marketer?

In my own theory, an Online Marketer’s success revolves around the following aspects:

1. Instant conversions: What percentage of your first time visitors buy the products or services that you are offering on your landing pages?

2. Patronage: What fraction of the visitors subscribe to your newsletters and communications (and hence become future prospects or buyers)

3. Brand building: How many are willing to social like your content or endorse your brand?

In each of the above cases, the success is bound to happen sooner or later. However, the sad part is that most Internet Marketers find their potential customers (visitors) leave their landing pages without taking any action at all. Let’s figure out how to fix this and increase conversion rate on your website or blog.

Simple Tips to Increase Conversion Rate

For the sake of brevity, let me put my ideas on increasing conversion rate into the following bullet points.

  • Meaningful Squeeze pages: It’s true that majority of your prospective customers will leave without taking any action, if you don’t field an attractive squeeze page. This should be fast loading and straight forward. It shouldn’t feel like a trap to collect email addresses but project your points on why one should sign up to your newsletters or offers (Also read: AdWords Landing page Quality score)
  • List building on Content: I must admit that I still do not do this on all my blogs but list building on blogs (and similar content) is the single most effective means of building patronage and guaranteeing long lasting success. No wonder why products such as MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet are selling (and working) so well. If I look at my bounce rate on THIS blog, I lost the opportunity to build a list that is 600,000 strong!
  • Take a NO SPAM oath yourself: Most email marketers fail because they fancy big that they can keep sending direct product offer letters to their email list every other day. That’s foolishness! You should think of a realistic approach of communicating once to thrice per month. That’s it! And none of them, ideally should be direct selling type communication
  • Social Media strategy: Use it ALWAYS for strong brand building alone and never for direct sales or service. I have seen some customer care professionals taking complaints on Facebook and Twitter and not using their CRM systems to do that job. This is highly ineffective!
  • Right products to the right people: Imagine that you are building a list on a fashion site. Since the products in that segment earn you less commission, you want to now sell electronics and gadgets to that crowd. It’s simply not going to work and all your list building efforts are going to be wasted in such a scenario. So, if required, build multiple lists that are categorized
  • Never cheat: Some of the so-called Internet marketing gurus failed when they tried to cheat their patrons. When greed gets in you, that’s the beginning of your end! Go slow and steady in an ethical way and you are going be successful. Patronage and brand value are invaluable at any point of time when compared to the small difference that money makes at times.
  • Instant conversions for Innovative products: In my experience, instant conversions took place only in the case of highly innovative and new product offerings. For example, I had some great success in promoting a particular brand of Karate (martial arts) product because the product was new in offering and quite unique too. However, with time the competition built up and it wasn’t selling further. So instant conversions are all about being innovative all the time and relentlessly looking out for newer opportunities. The only other option for quick conversions is MASSIVE and RELEVANT organic traffic hitting your product pages.

That’s pretty much about brand building, marketing ethics and planning that essentially result in high conversion rates. Anymore to add from your end?


  1. Now from this week I’m getting up into the market and started collecting the emails of my readers and next step should be going in direct conversation with them and hence looking for some powerful ways to become a successful Internet marketer.

    You also helped a little, so thanks for your work !!

    • List building is the key to retain customers 🙂 I know a blogger who has several domain names with minimal traffic but have excellent squeeze pages. He now has a list of more than 20000 emails in couple of years. Imagine the potential for high traffic sites.

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