What is RSS?

A lot of people believe that RSS stands for ‘Rich Site Summary‘, ‘Ready for Some Stories‘ etc. In reality, RSS expands to Really Simple Syndication! However, the other two expansions sound better for most of us and they are good enough for all practical purposes!

So, what RSS really is?

In simple terms RSS is a mechanism to access the content of a blog or website via a standard format (called XML). The feed or content from RSS enabled blogs can be easily read by a number of applications called feed readers. This means that, if you have a RSS feed reader and you have subscribed to a blog’s RSS feed, you can read the latest blog posts of that blog without actually visiting the blog.

Advantages of using RSS

The following are the advantages of using RSS methodology to read a blog or website.

  • No need to visit the blog to read its contents – saves you time
  • A number of sites/blogs can be subscribed to and aggregated into your RSS reader. Hence you get to read all your favorite blogs in one place or page! You can even organize them into categories and folders.
  • You can read your favorite blogs offline i.e. without Internet connectivity, if you have already cached the contents when the connection was available. This feature is supported by several feed readers
  • A number of options available to read the RSS content of your favorite blog. e.g. You could access RSS feed via mobile phones, RSS reader stand alone applications, Free RSS readers that are part of MyYahoo, MyGoogle, MyAOL etc, or even get it delivered in your email box.
  • RSS readers are much faster than the blog/website itself as the just bring in only the content and relevant images

How can I subscribe to Dollar$hower.com via RSS?

It is very simple. All that you need to do is to click here and on the page that appears, you need to choose (under Subscribe Now!) the reader using which you want to read the RSS feed of Dollar$hower.com. There is also an option there to get it delivered via email (Update arrives in your email box only when a new post is available. We do not share your email address with anybody and it is an absolutely spam-free service)

If you want a reader application instead of MyYahoo or MyAOL websites, you may consider a reader like FeedReader. Otherwise, the best option is to go for something like the Google Reader which comes is FREE with your Google account.

So Really Simple Syndication is a lot simpler than you thought, right?