What’s your blog’s USP?

Your blog is your public announcement system on the web! Just like the normal solid state announcement systems, it has the potential to reach masses. However, it can soon become ‘just another blog’ among millions if you do not have something special to offer to your readers.

The thing that is special and unique to your blog is your blog’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Any successful campaign – online or offline – must possess a USP to be successful and in this post let me take you through what could be the USP for a typical blog.

Blog USP examples

When I started this Make Money blogging and blogging tips blog, my intention was not really to make it just another MMO blog. So even before the blog is launched, I started developing a bunch of tools (e.g. ad network comparison tool, money maker product finder tool etc).

standout from the crowd with a USPThough, I couldn’t find a lot of time to enhance these tools, I thought it was a USP for this blog because no other blogs had such a tool to offer. Most important aspect about this tool was it has tremendous potential to become a cash cow via referral sign-ups (By the way, it can still be a major USP for somebody who wants to buy DollarShower)

So, what are some examples for blog USPs?

1. I have known this blogger who does blogspot to WordPress blog conversion service and I thought that’s an excellent unique selling point for that blog. Similarly, any special service that is unique and what your competition cannot think of or imitate can form your USP.

2. I have a friend who just churns out unique ultimate jokes all by himself out of any occasion. If he starts a fun blog, I am pretty sure that blog with have-not-read-elsewhere content will have a solid USP.

3. Some blogs with exceptionally unique visual themes that highlight the content theme of the blog can have unique pitches. Yes, themes do matter as well and can sometimes be USPs

There can be numerous examples like the above.


The point I am trying to drive here is that, those who stand out from the crowd via their unique value propositions, will sustain in the long term. Others may still blog, make some visibility, make money etc but wouldn’t be recognized as the leaders. Also, in order to pull your readers from the competition as well as to continuously generate new readership, you really need something unique.

Over to you…
Does your blog have a USP? If so, describe it here as a comment and feel free to exploit the marketing opportunity!

Happy Blogging!


  1. Its rightly said that Great Minds Think Alike (:P ), I have been thinking of this very thing (but didn’t know that it had a fancy name USP) and started working on a twitter related app.

    Hope I get to implement them this year 🙂

  2. Visited your blog after sometime now…

    How are you doing buddy??

    Hope you can get time in future and work on the tools that you already have and make your blog a unique one.

    My blog is now unique. But, i try to provide lots of info on cricket which was the driving force initially.

    • @Nihar, I doubt if I get to work on these tools as I am working on couple of other sites as well. Also, my WordPress theme dream project eludes me all the time. Hope you are making a lot of progress with your blog.

  3. Re-Tweeted 🙂

  4. i think the best thing in the favor of my blog is that i write what i have experienced…all the posts that i write has hint of something that i have gone through and this way, i give my readers some important tips which are not normally discussed…

    For ex, my post on why your blog should have a tagline received much more appreciation than i thought and it was because i stuck to the basics

  5. All the major blogs have a USP ! TechCrunc’s Crunchbase , Mashable’s Blippr and the likes. They all offer something that others haven’t and has risen to the top!

    Anyway kickass article Ajith

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