What personality is that blog?

Today, I came across this interesting online tool that analyzes a blogger’s (or writer’s) personality based on what (s)he writes. This tool, namely the typealyzer, just needs the URL of your blog as input and it analyzes your way of writing, usage of words, emotions etc to come up with a report on your personality.

The first part of the report contains the type of the blogger. For example, based on dollarshower.com as the input, it categorized me as a duty fullfiller who is conservative by nature and often reluctant to take risks which I tend to agree – especially the risk part.

Detailed Analysis

blog personality typealyzer

Along with the detailed description on your personality, it also outputs your brain map which shows which part of your brain is active while you are writing. My brain map as output by the typealyzer is given below.

blogger writer brain activity

This simple tool is based on the uclassify free web service that can analyze and classify text.

Over to you

Based on the tool output, let me and the readers know what kind of a blogger personality are you.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Interesting! but not accurate. It gave exactly the same analysis as yours, which doesn’t fit me! It is way too tough to analyze based upon the HTML input

    • Raju, this particular tool may not be completely accurate but I somehow believe in the method. What you write must be surely reflecting your personality.

  2. Apparently I’m a duty fulfiller too. I tried putting in the URL of a friend who is a real idealistic, intuitive guy and while that showed up a bit on the analysis it didn’t come out as strongly as I thought.

    I really like the idea, but I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate.

  3. Interesting one, Thanks Ajith

  4. I think its an interesting tool but I doubt how that tool can get to be able to determine the personality type. I mean its not just based on words typed right?

    • It’s more than words Melvin.. What you speak, read and write definitely has something to do with the way your mind thinks and behaves. Analyzing what you write is just one of the methods – just like analyzing body language, speech etc

  5. i got a “doer” for my site thewebpunk.com 🙂 and according to them i “like to start things and not follow up” 😀

  6. Great find.

    I checked my blog http://www.niharsworld.com and it gives me as a “the doer”

  7. @Sebin, @Nihar, I guess there are number of doers out there 🙂

  8. Ajith, this is my first visit to your Blog and I am glad that I found a real useful Blog. I was impressed by the typealyzer! and I have written a post about this citing your Blog. Do visit my space and share your views on the same.

    • @Saraswathan, thank you very much for your compliments. I appreciate your mentioning about my blog as well. Just visited your blog, you seem to have a lot of very good hobbies 🙂

  9. Ajit,
    Your site is excellent. Lots of useful information.
    I too checked this tool for my website(www.dotnetanalyst.com) , results shown as “The Duty Fulfillers” . I would like to visit your blog often.


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