When Alexa, Technorati and SEO take precedence

Blogging is an addiction! And the number of people getting attracted to this powerful way of expressing thoughts is increasing in thousands every day. More interestingly, the percentage of bloggers who think blogging can be a great career option is increasing as well. However, there is another side to this story – that is about the stress and the ‘need’ to be hooked on to the Internet almost throughout the day!

Being a blogger is never easy these days! From somebody who just writes what (s)he thinks, a blogger has come a long way – he has to wear multiple hats these days varying from that of a programmer, webmaster, SEO expert to a financial advisor. Everyday he gets up, there are 100s of thinks to check including moderating comments, optimizing or reorganizing the blog, checking various ranks, socializing in the cyber space to get more readers, counting how much his ads made that night and how much John Chow made! Life never seemed to be busier as thinking on what to write about seems to be the last priority and time management gets complicated.

What are your real goals?
Though I am not into blogging for so many years, I have lived enough in the cyberspace to realize that sometimes bloggers are forced to do things that are not natural fit to them. However, the cyber society cannot be blamed completely for that; because it is your choice. Now having made the choice, aren’t there ways to still get a good life, happiness, ego boost and do what you like the most? Yes, there are…

Defining your main goal out of your blogger life is the first thing to do. Once this goal is set you need to be very clear on how much time and money you want to spend on it. More importantly, you set your rules and don’t let others to influence the same. Or in other words, you decide how many times a week you can blog rather than thinking that you MUST blog twice a day as the so-called successful blogger does that!

Patience is virtue!
There could be one out of 10000 who made money overnight! He surely did it by playing others’ minds and is smart enough to Stressed-out blogger influence people like you and me. It’s like stock market, right? When one makes a million a few hundred others actually lost the game! So if monetization is one of your goals, you need to give it time. I was chatting with couple of youngsters the other day who created several one-page blogs with Google ads on them and want to make money quickly. One of them happened to even loose an year of his Engineering degree as the focus was on how to make quick money. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of youngsters revert to blogging as a means to make money where their education, long term career, social life etc are taking the backseat.

Managing unfamiliar hats
As I mentioned earlier, there are quite a few things to be done these days to become a visible blogger if being visible is one of the criteria. It would not be logical to say that one can totally forget some of them. To be reasonably successful one as a blogger definitely you need some good readers. Building the readership naturally will definitely take a long time and hence you can revert to the social network path which is more fun. If you are ready to take things slowly and as it happens, this route should work for you but patience is the keyword again.

Not everything happens for good with social network marketing. You still need to do quite a few things to optimize, promote, monetize and keep technically updated. You can get many of these things by third party vendors if you have money. If not, instead of doing everything together on the first week or month of launching itself, you can do things one at a time. So keep noting down things-to-do and take them up at leisure. However, there is no end to this problem list as blogging is within the ever-changing technology and Internet world! If you remind yourself that you don’t need to try everything around you to be successful, you will be partly relieved. Another thing you can do effectively is to take help from forums before spending time on technical things that you don’t understand. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

Stress-free blogging
It may be noted that though the basic idea of blogging is ‘writing’, the other modes of communication is picking as well. So if you are a good talker you have the chance to use podcasts and if you are great presenter you may go for video posting. However, these are not for everyone. What I meant to say is that, as much as possible use alternate methods to take your hands off the keyboard while achieving the same goal.

Having a multiple blogger blog is another way to get some free time. This may also make the blog even more popular as different thoughts and writing styles come into play. Multiple blogging can be done via guest blogging (more tracking, scrutinizing, shortlisting is still required) or with a bunch of fixed bloggers – usually friends, family people – sharing the load.

Outsourcing the copy editing and elaborating part can also save you some time as a blogger. If you are a rich blogger, you have plenty other options to outsource ‘almost everything’ to others, though that is not the case with every blogger.

Though regularly updating your blog is a nice thing to do, this doesn’t mean that you have to blog every single day or post a few times a day! If you have provided good content over the years, you will still have enough readers even if you don’t make it everyday.

Choosing established platforms and tools will save you a lot from ‘upgrade mess’ and help you to focus on writing content.

Planning ahead is always helpful. I am not talking about an exhaustive plan but just jot down the topics that you want to write about in the near future. Researching and elaborating is relatively easier if you have a topic in mind already.

Hope this post was of interest to you. In fact, I had a few more thoughts but probably all those qualify for a mini e-Book itself. I would now request my fellow bloggers, to share your thoughts on how to manage the blogging (and real) life better.

Happy Blogging!


  1. This is a good eye opener for youngsters who are off late seen jumping into this arena thinking of making money over night!

  2. If you are going to become a blogger there should be a great deal of interest in blogging and the subjects you are writing about. When you are just doing it to make money then it could all go wrong – you end up putting time and effort into something your dont enjoy just with the hope to make money…

    • At the outset, thanks for visiting us. You are right Natasha. Earlier the pattern was to first make the blog popular and then monetize it after months or years. However, both the goals get set together these days, probably that’s what is killing us. There’s no question of passion and joy of blogging, but the issue is the number of other technical things one has to bother about…



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