Which Social Networking site do you like the most?

Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Flickr… the list is growing every day! Social Networking – personal as well as business – has been the most successful form of Web 2.0 implementations for the past three or four years. There are few Internet-connected people who have not signed up with one of these social networking sites.

There may be a particular reason why you ended up signing with a particular site. In this survey post, let us discuss openly why do you like a particular social networking program over the other. If you have faced any kind of issues such as privacy infringement, unwanted ads, spamming etc with these sites, please mention that as well.

Those who haven’t signed up with any of these sites may also comment, giving reasons why one shouldn’t go after them 🙂


  1. I like both Orkut and Facebook. In fact, some mischievous fella tried to defame me in Orkut and hence I moved to FB. FB has got better profile features.


  2. Though I am into Orkut, I have also signed up with facebook. Yet to actively involve there 😉


  3. I like Flickr and Myspace. Flickr has cool and funny pictures inside and Myspace has a lot of music a lot of deejays, I myself is a deejay, hehe, i remix song and sometimes i produce. Thats my hobby

  4. Good to know about your hobby 🙂 Sounds exciting!

    Btw, if you are in MyBlogLog please join my community ‘dollarshower’


  5. I vastly prefer the friendly, quick Facebook interface as well as the default privacy (On Orkut, you have to turn this on). I think their open application platform is wonderful, though this can lead to overkill (some Facebook pages are full of apps!). I, for example, like playing Scrabble online on Facebook. Facebook also has a better photo album setup–for example, you can label the people who are in the photo. By doing so, you make the photo accessible to their albums as well.

    However, I use Orkut much more for the simple reason that the majority of my old friends, being Indian, are on Orkut (In contrast, not one of my Australian friends is on Orkut). So we are constrained by our communities in a sense.

    • Hi Suchi,
      Very good points about Facebook. In fact we are on Orkut for much the same reason as you mentioned 🙂 Btw, we are on a short vacation to Ooty and hence unable to post or reply to comments as much 😉

      Will be back in action in couple of days.


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