Which WordPress Theme?

With DollarShower completing an year in the blogosphere, I thought, it is about time I gave a facelift to this blog. Somehow, I myself have got a little bit bored seeing the same blog theme over the past one year or so.

The following are the technical and aesthetic activities pending on this blog:

– Get a new professional theme – a free theme, if possible
– Get a professionally designed banner to complement the theme
Upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1
Adapt tools (ProdFinder, Scorecards etc) on this blog to the new skin
– A new avatar image

Which theme?

There are plenty of themes out there but as much as possible I would like to go for a free theme that can be further customized. I need your suggestions on some good themes. Of course, I have thought about those $200 themes but I do not want to spend that much for the time being. Also, I got suggestions such as woo themes, elegant themes etc but I need to know which particular theme among their offerings. I already have an Ultimate Blogging Theme with me, but I do not want to use it as so many other blogs in the niche already have it. Though, free themes are the first preference, I do not mind spending up to $50 if a good professional theme comes for that price with decent support.

As regular readers, I thought, you are the best ones who could decide what goes well with a blog like mine that deals with blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimization niche. So, please shoot your suggestions. Needless to say, the theme should support widgets and should be 125×125 ads friendly on the sidebar.

Banner for this blog

Once the theme is finalized, I need a banner to match that theme. It would be great if somebody is able to sponsor that as well. Those who sponsor the banner will get either a backlink from the footer or a 125×125 banner spot on this blog (one of them for three months). If somebody is able to customize the theme completely (including the banner), they will be given a permanent backlink from the footer of this blog.

WordPress upgrade?

One reason for changing the current theme is its compatibility issues with newer version of WordPress. Also some of my newer plugins were misbehaving with my current WordPress version. Although, I had seen a lot of comments on WP 2.7.1 upgrade issues, it would be great if you can point out a couple of key issues that I need to watch out for while upgrading.

These changes were planned as part of the blogging objectives for 2009. Even otherwise, I think every blog needs to get some facelifting once in a while in order to catch up with the trends.

Please come up with your suggestions on WordPress themes 🙂


  1. I still love your current theme. Is this personalized? I have some niche mini blogs that uses self hosted WP platform. I only use the new versions of free flexibility themes for them. Thesis theme looks good, but if you don’t want to spend anything right now for a theme, I suggest that you just use a free theme and tweak it to look personalized.

    Frenchy’s last blog post… Free Download of Membership Site Masteplan Report Now Available

  2. @Simran, yep, I used to visit WPthemedesigner… Her themes are damn expensive and in the order of ~$300.

    @Kim, Arthemia has always been one of my favorite themes 🙂 I liked its pleasant looks – on blogger as well. I shall take a look at how it can be tweaked. Thanks for reminding me of this.

    @Frenchy, the current theme is modified by me after taking the DBT’s studiopress. However, in the modification process, I lost control of good whitespace, font combination etc 🙂

  3. There are a lot of good free themes available. Choosing one can be tough but i am sure you will find something suitable.

  4. @Madhur, the abundance makes the selection process difficult. While I know that the perfect themes can be only custom made, I might get a free theme (or buy thesis) that can be tweaked

  5. Hi dear this is really good theme i like your theme.
    i want this theme so from where i can download this them.
    please reply soon

  6. @Mohan, I downloaded this theme from Daily Blog Tips. Check out the link below to download (I have customized it a lot myself)


  7. But they have free themes too… follow this link to get free themes from wpthemedesigner.com

  8. thanks ajith for your reply
    ajith first iam using blogger but now iam shifted to wordpress and i started a new blog in wordpress but i did not know that how can i upload this them on it plese help me

    agin many thanks


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