Who is your real idol blogger?

Many of you would have started blogging after getting inspired by one of those big names in the blogosphere, right? I started this blog after hitting John Chow’s blog, via a PPC ad click, earlier this year. I, like many others, was flabbergasted at the way he makes money and truly even chanted his home page title – I Make Money Online by Telling People How Much Money Online – as daily mantra for a few weeks!

Who is your idol blogger?While the biggies in the game mostly inspire you, there must have been some other bloggers, who kept low profile, but delivered great content to their audience. For these people blogging is a passion and not necessarily a means to make money. I am sure some of you must have started your blogging habit after reading and getting addicted to their way of expressing stuff. The purpose of this survey post is to understand who or which blog actually inspired you to start your own blog?

Well, I am not talking about Make Money Online blogs, high tech blogs or SEO blogs alone here. I would like to hear from all of you those who blogs regardless of how small or big your blog is. The following questions are expected to be answered in your comment:

  • Who inspired you to start blogging? (Please mention the blogger’s name and provide the blog URL in your comment)
  • Do you still read that blog regularly and draw inspiration?
  • Which aspects of that blogger or blog did you like the most?

This is an opportunity for all of us to learn about some other bloggers and their blogs as well. So please shoot your comments!

Have a great weekend!

PS:- Soon after I started my blog, I realized that, there’s life beyond Chow, Shoe or Moo…


  1. nice read

  2. @Anil, thanks.. keep visiting us 🙂

  3. I was mostly inspired to blog by Tori from Paid Opps and Daniel from Daily Blog Tips.

    However my blog content are completely of different topic as theirs. I was also motivated by my girlfriend who blog for the passion of blogging.

    As for John Chow and John Cow and Shoemoney I am starting to feel fed up of their same rotating and no originality anymore posts. Sincerely if i have to choose between shoemoney and this blog dollarshower, I’ll choose this one. Just a way to say that I am not those who will simply follow the big bloggers even if their post are becoming annoying day by day.

    The thing that keep your reader switch to your blog is the originality and ever changing content. That is always learning new thing.

  4. @Kurt,
    This has been the most wonderful feedback I have ever received 🙂 and thanks a lot for that. Yes, originality of the content is what people should go after.

    And you know what, you actually inspired me to write the new post on ‘the blog ranks and ranking systems’

    Thanks again…

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