Why many of us fail in our blog ventures?

Blogging is a hobby for some people, a habit for some others and a lifestyle for the passionate ones. But if you ‘Google’ around you can see a very small percentage of them actually surviving over a year or two. For example, This is the third or fourth blog of yours truly (I sincerely hope to keep it alive this time around) and I was trying to find reasons for the short lifespan of many of those great blogs.

Many bloggers find it difficult to carry on the energy levels with which they started their blogs. According to me, not having time or energy is not the main issue – that’s more of an excuse. When I thought about it for a while, the real reasons for discontinuing a blog were mainly three – lack of topics, inability to cope with the (peer) pressure and unmet short-term goals – monetization KPIs included.

The following are a few points that one could keep in mind to become a successful blogger for a long long time.

Plan ahead: At any point of time, the blogger should have a number of ‘topics’ or ‘rough ideas’ in mind, sufficient enough to post for the next six or seven articles. He or she should not only have it in mind, but also record the same in a small draft document or text file.

Be first and fresh: If you are the first one to write about something, your pride or ego will work well positively and will tend to write more.

Reader engagement: Be proactive and personal when it comes to interacting with your readers. A strong bond with some good readers will keep you going (and also will be under pressure to deliver periodically)

Set & Track your goals: Even when you are writing for fun, set some goals for yourself and actually track them frequently. It could be a financial goal or a success parameter. In either case, set achievable targets and monitor.

Be generous in commenting: Comment at related websites/blogs on a daily basis. This will make sure that we are connected well with the rest of the group.

Read a lot…: Finally, your writing is only as good as your reading habit. The more you read, the better is your writing

PS:- The last point is a self-reminder 😀 to somebody who reads only technical stuff and sports


  1. Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

  2. Janet,
    Thanks for the encouraging comment. Please keep reading…


  3. Hello my friends 🙂


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