WordPress Plugin Ideas

As I have spoken of in the past, I have been after some WordPress plugin projects for many months now. Unfortunately due to lack of time I could not really work on all those ideas nor complete the ones I already started with. Till date, the Contact Commenters plugin is the only one that I really managed to release though I use some of my half-done projects on this blog.

Since I do not think I will be able to work on these projects in the near future, I thought of sharing some of those ideas here so that some smart plugin developers can take them up for implementation. So without much delay, here are my WordPress plugin ideas.

5 WordPress Plugin Topics

Please note that some of the topics listed below are purely for the administration purpose i.e. the end user or reader of the blog may not see any visible effect of some of them.

1. Contextual Affiliate Ads

As we all know, Google AdSense presents search users with some nice contextual ads when they land on one of our posts or pages. However, these ads are rendered based on the content of the page and of course you get paid only for the clicks there in. The idea behind this proposed plugin is to show the users your affiliate links just like Google AdSense ads. I have a similar concept in place on this blog but it’s pretty static ad links. I need to make them dynamic via reading the search words or search phrase and present the closest matching ads. For example, if somebody lands on a HostGator review page, all shared hosting related affiliate links will be presented as ads on top.

2. Comments Reply Helper

The idea here is to provide an Admin page on WordPress or add another widget to the WordPress Administration dashboard, that shows the comments that are yet to be replied by you. By clicking each of those links you can readily reply as well. It’s a simple idea but helps you a lot to increase your interaction levels with your readers. In fact, I was intending to implement this feature on my Contact Commenters plugin itself.

3. WordPress Sales Page designer

Of course there are some stock sales page plugins out there. My idea was to have a plugin that can do the following

  • Convert any normal page to a landing page with a number of stock styles
  • This landing pages will not be listed on archives, pages menu list or in RSS feed
  • The stock landing page can be further edited in a WYSIWYG manner using custom editor buttons that includes numerous options that are present on typical landing pages
4. Fake Date plugin

Well, this is an easy to implement idea but a bit of cheating stuff. The idea is to show your search visitors a different post date than the actual date of posting. If the user lands on the homepage, you have to show dates starting from the current date to backwards (reverse chronological) for posts from top to bottom. This is helpful to make the content look updated recently and particularly useful for blogs that aren’t updated very often. Similarly, if the user lands right on a single post, you may show a more recent date there as well.

5. Blog Income Reporter plugin

I thought about this idea almost three years back when people like John Chow started sharing their monthly income statistics and numerous other bloggers followed the same. The idea here is to store all your blog income and expenses recorded via a simple WordPress admin plugin and done some analytics on the same on both admin page as well as for your readers. It would help dig down the earning stats for week, month, year etc. And those who want to post about their monthly stats, the plugin helps with a macro to provide income details as well so that you don’t need to list it every month. However, this idea may not be valid any longer as most people have stopped reporting their blog income.

Well, those are five of the dozen or so ideas that I had recorded so far. Let me know if any of you take this up for implementation. If so, I would like to the beta tester for the same.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Even i have one which i implemented but not created the plugin out of it.

    #3, Exactly i have thought is the another plugin.

    4 looks interesting….

  2. All Your ideas are nice Ajith. i have also some ideas. but i am not a coder to develop it. 🙁

  3. I really like the ideas of 1, 4 and 5. Especially #4 can be useful for your Google rankings too, as a lot of times Google show’s the post date, which could increase the clickthroughs.. hope some of your ideas will be developed 🙂

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