Work-from-home options: Transcription

I should say that work from home option definitely gives us the benefit of no traveling, no outdoor meals and no flashy clothes to be bothered about. A little bit of surfing around the Internet helped me bump into transcription jobs. I was amazed to see the number of opportunities available online. I can list a few of them here, though not personally verified the authenticity of all of them.

Transcription types
For those who are completely new to the concept, transcription means changing of one version (e.g. voice dictation) to another (text format) – text format being the final deliverable in most cases. Most common transcription categories are the following:

Medical transcription means transcribing the patient’s health records, dictated by the consulting Doctor, into text format. Check out for more information about this specialization.

Legal transcriptionist create and edit documents from legal professional’s dictations

Meeting transcription is the process of all forms of meeting material (minutes, presentations and overall agenda) into text format

Audio tape transcription – converting audio clips (speeches, presentations, podcasts etc) into readable text

Video transcription – Video speeches into text. Checkout this freelancer who offers her video transcription services, it could be your turn next!

Experience counts, but not always necessary
Though many of the transcription jobs require at least a few months experience or some basic training in transcription, there are a few options available for beginners as well. You may have heard that it is impractical to get a job as a medical transcriptionist unless you have experience. The fact is that medical transcription services have to hire new Medical Transcriptionists as well, whether they want to or not as there’s less supply than demand. Otherwise they will have to, anyhow, hire fulltime employees by providing them more benefits and compensation. To set your foot in the door, though, it is better to be prepared by getting trained if you are looking for specialty transcription jobs. Training doesn’t seem to be an issue since your spare time can be used for it and then you can slowly begin by taking up small assignments if you can get them, so that you can prepare your resume for the big fish.

Since I am also new to some of the above-mentioned transcriptions, I wasn’t able to probe much. However, the following tips might help those who are in search of a transcriptionist work-from-home option.

. Getting trained by those 100% job guaranteed offers might not be necessarily bad to get the initial boost
. You need to equip your home PC with necessary software (media players, office products etc), broadband connection, reliable email provider, a good pair of headsets etc
. Taking tips from experienced transcriptionists may be helpful in terms of how they kick-started the career, if at all they are willing to help, that is
. Some good knowledge of using various office applications (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc) and having good typing speed will definitely help

Happy job hunting!


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