Writing Online: 3 tried & tested ways to Make Money – eBook review

According to me, online money making opportunities broadly fall into two categories (1) Making money with a blog or website and (2) Making money without one. In the past, I have briefly touched upon some of these topics via several posts and a dedicated page on how to make money online.

Recession or no-recession, writing content online is a definite money making opportunity – not just for those who are poets and well-versed at writing but also for those who could write a few lines on a certain topic, do a little bit of proof reading or have the ability to comment on certain topics on blogs or forums. Talking about online writing, my friend Ebele has written a wonderful eBook titled Writing Online: 3 tried & tested ways to Make Money and this post is a short review on what she has to offer as tips and actual resources for making money.

What is this eBook all about?

As the title reads, this 21 page eBook explains three major ways of making money online via content creation varying from commenting to blog writing. Well, it is just not theory but based on her personal experience, she has provided real links to those forums, blogs and websites where you can find your money making assignments. Ebele’s journey of making money by content creation ($60 in January 2008 to $600/month by October 2008) is explained with practical tips blended with her amazing humour sense.

In addition, Ebele has also explained things that you need to be aware of while dealing with those advertisers/purchasers of your content. Well, there are always those one-off situations where some people are hesitant to pay for your work once the delivery takes place. She has explained how to take on such people as well.

I personally feel that, this eBook will definitely help beginners (who have a decent grasp of English) find their online writing assignments and make money in the order of $400-$500 per month. Those who possess exceptionally good writing skills in English can make a lot more. Beginners may need to create a FREE PayPal account to receive payments for your work as most of the advertisers transfer money online via PayPal.

The eBook is priced at just $3.50 at the moment and Ebele plans to increase the price in the coming days. $3.50 is an unbelievable deal for this valuable piece of work that helps you to get started with online content writing. I highly recommend you to go ahead and purchase this book using the link below (Proof of payment and sneak preview provided there in)

Purchase ‘Writing Online: 3 tried & tested ways to Make Money’ for the initial offer price of $3.50 now!

About the Author…

I have known Ebele for the past one and half years and I have followed all her blogs, eBooks and stuff that she discovers about online money making. She is a poet, writer and very good at drawing as well. She also conducts workshops in the areas mentioned above.

Happy (Online) Money Making with Ebele’s eBook!


  1. Hi Ajith,

    Will you recommend this book for me? Send me an email please.


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  2. Looks interesting…

    Will decide and let you know…

    Nihar’s last blog post… How to Find Broken Links, Missing Titles, Image alt text with Xenu’s Link Sleuth tool

  3. clickktdotcom :

    Hey my friend, that is great review. Look nice ^_^

  4. Though I am not much into Make Money Online stuffs, the $ 3.50 thingy looks attractive.

    But I would say, that keeping something at $3.5 is a bad idea. its an e-book, so people would readily share it online.. Raise the cost and make it look premium, oye, let me get one before that πŸ™‚


    Arun Basil Lal’s last blog post… Subscribe to Blogs via Email without Revealing your Email

  5. @SK, the eBook is meant for beginners to get started with content writing and get paid online. If you want to take that route to earn money, the eBook might help you. Again, what it does is to provide some tips and links where you can find such assignments.

    @Nihar, thanks buddy

    @clcktktdotcom, thanks for your words

    @Arun, I am sure Ebele will increase the price soon πŸ™‚ You are right about the sharing aspects – that’s the risk with eBooks. But I hope many of them give credits to the author.

    Thanks everyone for your comments and many of those re-tweets

  6. Thanks for the review, Ajith! You’re a super-duper, milk-no-sugar, honesty-is-as-honesty-does STAR! (as she waves her pink and blue cheerleading pom-poms in the air and does a triple somersault to put Jackie Chan to shame).

    And thanks for the comments, people. πŸ™‚

    @Arun: the price is merely an introductory one, but I hear ya.

    take care…

  7. @ebele, roflmao

  8. Dennis Edell :

    I just bought the book on her commenting skills alone….

  9. @Dennis, she’s really good at writing πŸ™‚ The eBook has several resource links that will definitely fetch you some writing assignments.

  10. The ebook 3 tried & tested ways to Make Money is now FREE when clicked above.

    Very awesome writing. TY


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