Wrong Keywords and risky Keyphrases can kill your Blog

McAfee recently released a list of top 50 riskiest search keywords. As per the report, ‘lyrics‘, ‘myspace‘ and ‘free music downloads‘ are the most dangerous search terms that can potentially take the search user to malware and virus spreading websites.

In the context of the ongoing recession, the malicious lot have started targeting search terms such as ‘credit crisis‘, ‘mortgage crisis‘ and ‘goldman sachs‘ to distract you towards unsafe websites. You might have experienced phishing attempts around those keywords, of late.

Just like these search terms lead you to dangerous websites, the selection of the wrong keywords on your website or blog can cause unexpected bad results as well.

What can wrong keywords do to your blog?

The following are some of the after effects of using the wrong set of keywords, phrases or even linking to websites who have those keyword related contents.

#1 Your pages removed SEs

Search engines like Google continuously filter out pages that have objectionable phrases, illegal/pirated content or sites that has bad neighborhood.

#2 AdSense shows nothing or public service ads

The AdSense stops serving ads to those kinds of pages or shows zero earning public service ads. AdSense can also become ineffective when the crawler finds a sequence of intentionally stuffed keywords or very long paragraphs having the same.

#3 Ban by safe internet browsing applications

The safe internet browsing applications that come with Anti-virus software usually mark your webpages based on certain patterns of keywords, suspicious scripts and downloads that have trojans or WORMs in them (could be even coming from some of those affiliate scripts). Once rated ‘red’ by these applications (e.g. McAfee Site Advisor) you may find it hard to get back your safe rating.

#4 High bounce rate

If you optimize for the wrong set of keywords (even when they are not rated), the search visitors may click the back button as soon as they land on your site because they did not get to see what they expected.

#5 Drop in search ranks

Basically, the search engine’s internal priority of your pages can decrease when the page content has nothing much to do with the keywords specified. This can also result in a drop in public (Toolbar) PR and in the long run huge reduction in search visits (or no visits)

#6 Brand image damage

The more wrong keywords or objectionable phrases you have, the more damage it causes to your brand.

Over to you…

Have you ever been banned from your Google AdSense account for using objectionable key-phrases or content? Even worse, has Google stopped indexing your pages due to the same reason?

Happy blogging!


  1. Very informative post.There is a common belief that some of the above key words improves Google Adsense CTR.That also a reason for excessive and unwanted stuffing of keywords.

  2. Once google stopped indexing my page because the theme I was using had a noindex… 😕

    Its the actual theme am currently using. When I removed that line from the header everything went fine.

    One thing I noticed however when I was still on blogspot..is that Google has stopped indexing me for about one month due to the very high density of words such as f**k, s**k and the usuals…u know.

    You know it Ajith all those fights I used to had on my blog lol 😛 I literally made my blog a deadly fighting ground during my first months.

    Now I know my mistakes so I filter out any such words and add the famous ** when i need to edit a comment.

    Also having a rapidshare link on your page can get it to show public service ads. I tried that on a niche site of mine just to test some time ago. As soon as I removed the link..everything became fine.

    Also I dunno why but if you use the word “s*x” or g*y… or related… google tend to show public service ads.

    Today itself my girlfriend wrote about smthing abt homos on her blog and the ads went crap. So when I edited the word g*y and replaced it by homo…everything turn fine.

  3. I haven’t been banned by using any objectionable keywords or phrases (didn’t know that was possible). I try to keep my website pretty “safe” and not try to do too much too fast.

    carla | green and chic´s last blog post… Green Your Decor Nominated for Best Eye Candy Blog!

  4. Richael Neet :

    This is the first time I am hearing of search keywords being used for malware and virus spreading.

    I have yet to be censored for using objectionable keywords, but I used to run a site with a swearing and stuff. After reading this post, I wanna revisit that site… 😀

  5. I have see some sites with excessive keywords and some sites which is intended of something but puts lot of text related to medicine to get high ecpm google ads.

    I didn’t know about this that wrong keywords could damage the blog’s image infront of google god.

    Nihar´s last blog post… India v West Indies T20 Live Cricket Streaming links

  6. this is a great post..i never thought that keywords like LYRICS and MUSIC SEARCH can be banned

    Tushar´s last blog post… Inspiration for ICM

  7. Was ringtones also on that list? Search on ringtones and you get taken to a lot of crappy sites.

    Kim Woodbridge´s last blog post… WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Issues and Recommendations

  8. @George, right… excessive stuffing can cause problems to your search ranks as well as Google AdSense figures.

    @Kurt, haha… I remember writing a few posts where you had created some controversies. Yes, even my wife had written something about terrorism and her AdSense blocks started showing public service ads.

    And ‘noindex’ is a mistake people make when they use robot-meta like plugins, I guess. By default all pages should be index,follow.

    @carla, I know that you are pretty clean with respect your content and language usd. You will be safe always 🙂

    @Richael, which is that site by the way 😀

    @Nihar, you used the right word… The Google God 🙂 We are heavily dependant on Google, aren’t we? Google AdSense, SE visits, Google Analytics, FeedBurner you name it.

    @Tushar, those search words will take you to potentially dangerous sites…I was also talking about the usage of other keyphrases on your blog that could damage your image, ranks and monetization potential.

    @Kim, I guess most search terms related to downloads (music, lyrics, ringtones…) are dangerous.

    Thank you all for the lovely conversation!

  9. @Ajith
    useful post.
    How about words like Poker websites. which was recently banned by Google TOS. What if we by mistake or on any context use such words? Will that also be marked as a negative point?

    Harsh Agrawal´s last blog post… Twitter fail images Which I don’t want to see

  10. Hmm thanks for the information Ajith. Didn’t know all this 🙂

    TechZoomIn´s last blog post… Lime Juice for Bloggers in this Hot Summer!

  11. @Harsh, I would stay away from poker, gambling sites. Recently I have had a couple of banner and link trade requests from such sites and I politely denied them. It is also about what kind of ads could get served when you have such links – especially sitewide

    @Lax, you are welcome bud 🙂

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