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Yahoo Publisher Network has been sitting on the beta stage for a while now. After half a decade into operations this program is still available only for US publishers. However, it seems, Yahoo has been working on a solid ad management platform (code named Project Apex) to lay foundation to their new efforts to become the advertisement channel of choice.

What exactly is AMP?

AMP – Not the same as Yahoo AMP M8 🙂 – is an integrated platform for advertisers, agencies and publishers that will significantly reduce the complexities of ad buying and selling. Regardless of the channel, demographics, target audience type or geographics, the AMP intends to provide a unique interface to search, select, connect, negotiate, approve, design/test ads, sell and buy and it claims to have fully automated processes. As per Yahoo’s President, Susan Decker, it is going to be the generation next platform to match the ever-changing dynamics of the online advertisement market.


I took a short look into the new platform offering (video alone) and was pleasantly surprised by its user interface. The amount of optimization available for publishers and advertisers is excellent. As a sample scenario if a particular advertiser wants to drive a campaign for certain geographic locations and say 2mln impressions, all that he has to do is to pick the locations from the chart and he gets a consolidated list of all publishers with available impressions, ad spaces and per location. He can then pick a few of them and play around with the numbers to get a total of 2mln. He then, just need, to submit the list to start the campaign! It’s as simple as that, at least in the demo.

A lot of people think that Yahoo is trying to imitate its biggest competitor, Google. But I guess, Google does not have such a simple but powerful solution that knits together the advertiser and publisher so well. I always thought that Google hides a lot from publishers.

For those who are interested, the Yahoo AMP! preview video is available here

I hope that AMP will not sit on beta the way YPN did…

PS:- Probably this is another tip for bloggers 😀 ‘Keep your drafts in tact, at least for a few days after posting’


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