Yahoo launches Web Analytics Beta (IndexTools)

Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo launched their Web Analytics (Beta) solution yesterday! In fact, what they have done is more or less the re-branding of IndexTools that they had acquired earlier this year.

Yahoo initially plans to roll this out to their small business (Yahoo hosting) customers along with the existing users of IndexTools prior to acquisition. In addition, a few beta testers and selected publishers get to use the released version until the product is ready for mass shipment later this year or first half of next year.

The Yahoo Web Analytics (YWA) solution is claimed to be more or less <>real time analytics as compared to their competitors such as Google Analytics or Sitemeter. We need to wait and verify whether this claim is true. Regardless of that, Yahoo might steel some marketshare from the current leader (GA) in this segment and also Sitemeter, which has already lost huge user base to Google Analytics. YWA also claims features such as advanced campaign management, merchandise reporting etc. The complete set of YWA features is available at this link. Yahoo’s move to roll out the analytics tool may be with the intention of collecting more intelligence on ad campaigns, search behavior etc rather than gaining a lot of marketshare here. This will definitely help their ad business in the coming years.

The only problem that we had with Yahoo has been their prolonged development and testing cycles due to which most of their programs stay in the beta state for a number of years. We have seen this issue with Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo AMP. This does not mean that other vendors don’t release beta products but they make it available for a wider audience.

 YWA Executive Dashboard

Over to you…

I would like to know which web analytics program are you using currently and whether you are happy with the same. And are you a Google fan or Yahoo fanatic?


  1. That looks interesting. I will have to look at its features to see how it is. I use google analytics myself but I might check out a couple of others just to test and compare stats.

    Bruno Auger’s last blog post…Basic Computer Lingo

  2. seems yahoo is waking up!! its has lots such modules to compete google. i will try this out to review !!

    Abhishek’s last blog post…Tetris Lovers

  3. @Bruno, from first looks, it seems to have everything that Google Analytics has plus excellent charts and additional campaign management features. Can’t say much before using it…

    @Abhishek, yep, even I want to try it out. The only problem is their stupid beta programs that never ends and applicable only to US customers and/or Yahoo Small Business. You may remember that YPN is still available only to US/Canada customers.

  4. Using Google Analytics, although it seems that Yahoo’s tool is up to standard as well

  5. Using Google Analytics. Shall need to check out how Yahoo performs here. Hopefully it will be useful and work well.

  6. @xpsave, @rajiv – Well, most of us bloggers are using GA right? I hope that Yahoo opens it up for all so that we get to know YWA better.

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