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Though You-cubez was launched more than an year back, I came to know about it only recently from a fellow blogger. After a few days of playing around with this intriguing site, I thought of writing this review more from the advertisers’ point of view. Hence it is not exactly a money making proposition though there is some room for that as well.

What exactly is You-Cubez?
You-Cubez is basically a site hosting a bunch of colorful cubes on their homepage. The cubes are nothing but image links which when clicked will take you to the website that purchased the particular cube. There are two hundred such cubes placed on the homepage (and more cubes paginated) of and the highest value cubes appear on top by default. In other words the more advertisers pay, higher up will be their cubes.

A cube can be purchased by advertisers for as low as £1 using a PayPal account. Being a UK site, all their transactions are in British Pounds. The validity of purchase is one year by default which means that your link ad will be running at you-cubez site for one year and you can expect visitors and you-cubez members to click on it once in a while which brings in traffic to your site. Along with the purchased cube you will also get a page that you can customize to write about your services and offers. This is a place that gives you backlinks and additional traffic as well. This page will be running for one whole year as well and there is a restriction that it has to be a whole-English page.


The cubes can be designed by a simple graphic tool. Designing is nothing but choosing the colors on three visible sides. There are special cubes like gradient cubes for which you need to pay more.

Once purchased, the cubes can be traded which means that you can buy ‘used cubes’ as well. I was searching for a genuine reason why one should purchase a used cube and figured out that probably established cubes with good earnings attract more traffic. When you trade a used cube you need to pay a 10% commission towards admin charges.

Advertiser experience
I purchased a basic cube a few days back and received some traffic to this blog. Well, it is not too much traffic but 8-10 visitors a day from their site. Probably that’s all you can imagine for a one-pound cube! But I wasn’t much impressed with the traffic quality as the sole intention of those who click the cube is to make money. So they just click your cube and close the popped up site immediately!

However, the traffic from your custom page could be of better quality and from genuine visitors. This is something that I am looking forward to.

Moneymaking potential for members
So how does somebody make money out of You-cubez? There are various hidden opportunities behind the cubes and otherwise. Clicking of certain cubes fetches in money – like a few pennies per clicking and viewing ads therein. There are several offers such as sign up bonus, paid surveys etc which they will keep posting under your account. There is a signup bonus of £0.25 for everyone and for every 50 referrals you add £1. For every cube traded by your referrals, you get 10-15% commission and you can also make money by participating in other offers. The offers such as surveys pay roughly £0.5 (USD 1.00) though some of those are available only for UK residents. If you spend half an hour a day, you may be able to make some money. The minimum payout amount is £5.00 and it is done via PayPal.

What’s good and what isn’t?
Though I was impressed by this innovative concept, I was not quite happy as an advertiser due to poor quality traffic. Another letdown is the poor loading time of their homepage. As there are a few hundred cubes out their – each weighing 3KB or more – the size of the homepage was more than 1MB and it takes a while to load. In my whole life I haven’t seen such a heavy first page! The other thing I didn’t quite like is the fees they charge to even change a URL behind the cube. There’s a £1 fee for that service which is not something any advertiser would like.

Despite this for smalltime moneymakers there seems to be enough opportunity. Give it a try by visiting You-cubez and please share your experiences especially if you made some money out of it.

Good luck!


  1. Sounds like the which was the one that started this off and even turned its owner into a millionaire. Will check it out though I wonder if I will be getting my own cube.

  2. Hi Ajith

    Thanks for the review. Really well explained.

    I’m yet to write a full review on it on my blog, but it’ll be from the money-making angle, so I think our reviews compliment each other rather nicely!

    I’ll put a link to your review when I do.

    take care…

    • Thank you 2ThePoint for the inspiration… I definitely need some help from you for couple of other things as well. Was planning to write about DP from multiple angles including your favorite gig money.


  3. Hi Ajith.

    Sure, if I can be of help, then I’ll do that.

    I’ve written part 2 of my review and have put a link to your post in there.

    take care…

  4. I have used the site for 3 weeks so far and I am a bit disappointed, especially during this week. Not only I didn’t have any cash cubes for regulars to click, but also premium users only have one cash cube to click.

    During the first week they had 4 cash cubes for premium members, and sometimes 5 or 6 cash cubes, but during the last week the number of cash cubes began to fall and now there is only one cash cube for premium and nill, zero, none, nada, for regulars.

    Overall, I clicked every single day during the last three weeks and I only accumulated 0.025 sterling pounds (that’s British pounds). Quite disappointing if you are thinking about making some extra cash.

    But, on the other hand, it may be interesting if you have a webpage to promote, which I don’t. But even for that, more cash cubes are needed.

    My two cents. (I only have 0.5 cent left)

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