Your 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is an amazing blog platform! Hardly 9 months after I started using it, I must say that I am in love with it and even started exploring with its core codebase as well as experimenting with my own little plugins. The amount of extensibility built into this blogging platform – or Content Management System (CMS) – is just incredible.

essential wordpress pluginsThough I am using a number of plugins and keep on experimenting with more, I am not fully aware of all the newer plugins that are coming in. The aim of this little survey post is to ask you all WordPress lovers, which are your Top 5 WordPress Plugins that are most essential to and powering your blog as of today.

My Top 5 Essential Plugins

The following are what I consider as my Top 5 out of the 21 installed on this blog (listed in the order of priority).

#1 WordPress Database Backup Plugin: I am not sure how life will be without this plugin just in case of something really bad happens to my WordPress data. The very reason that it is a Database based CMS, made me install this plugin first before even rolling out the blog to public.

#2 Executable PHP widget: This plugin helps me to add PHP widget code to my WordPress blog with the same ease of adding a text widget. Many of my widgets are now hugely dependant on this little plugin.

#3 Akismet Spam Protection: I canโ€™t imagine the scenario of retrieving 10 valuable comments out of the 50 or 60 spam comments received daily if this plugin was not there. Truly it saves your time and energy as a blogger and also saves you literally from nervous breakdowns ๐Ÿ™‚

#4 Google XML Sitemaps: One the top three essentials are met, we need to think about publicizing the blog and the first plugin I would need is the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin. Compared to the other plugins, perhaps this one is a little bit difficult to set up for beginners but itโ€™s worth that effort! Kudos to its developers! You guys made my blog content visible to the bots and hence to the humans as well!

#5 Feedburner FeedSmith: Steve Smithโ€™s brain child is now with Google after the latter acquired FeedBurner. This plugin makes sure that all feed formats syndicated from your blog are redirected to ONE single feed access point. I did not understand the importance of this plugin initially and hence I still have six or seven RSS subscribers sitting on the default WordPress RSS 2.0 feed and not via FeedBurner.

Of course there are close contenders like All In One SEO Pack etc but they were not as important as the five explained above – at least for me!

Over to you…

Now let me ask you the following questions:

  • Which are your 5 most essential plugins (not nice to have ones)?
  • Did you have all of them when you rolled out your blog?
  • Which is the latest plugin that you have added to your WordPress blog? (Does not need to be the most essential but just to make our readers aware of what is cool and new!)

Happy Blogging!


  1. @Jo, you bet… it takes some time to set it up. I faced similar set up issues with All-in-one SEO plugin as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Here are the 5 plugins I can’t do without

    1. Platinum SEO
    2. WP Database Backup
    3. Google XML Sitemap
    4. Akismet
    5. Feedburner Feedsmith


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  3. @Yan, I can see that SEO is on top of the list for most ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw, how’s everyone extending the blog with widgets? Don’t you all use the Exec PHP or similar widgets?? I thought, this is one of the most essential widgets to plug PHP code in…

  4. Exec PHP? m not aware of it.. can u tell more abt it?

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  5. @Harsh, Exec PHP can be used to execute php scripts within your posts or text widgets. It’s extremely handy

  6. Nice topic! I reckon you could use Exec PHP to add a tad of dynamic programmatic functionality to your WP blog and pipe the output as text for a post or a page.

  7. still cant understand the use of feedburner smith ๐Ÿ™

  8. hi this is really nice blog..i want to know is there any plugin for post priority ….like if i want to show post in listing and then i want some post on top and some on bottom page or next page (like google )…i want to set priority by my self..please help me to solve this

  9. Nice list of plugins.
    I was not aware of executable PHP widget but after reading this post I’ll surely use it.
    Thanks for this amazing post.

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