Your blogroll is a cash cow!

Link exchanges and link sales are pretty common things these days to help boost one’s Google page rank (PR), links building as well as organic traffic. A high PR for your website is always a good thing to have as most high rated ad programs, affiliate networks, get-paid-to review sites, elite advertisers etc take a look your alexa traffic rank, Google page rank etc before approving your subscription. For a blog, a high PR can also be looked at as an opportunity to convert some of your homepage links to permanent income other than normal advertisement.

The blogroll in most cases is just another block on your blog that is usually dedicated to link to your favorite sites and/or frequently visited blogs. It is also one of the least frequently updated portions on anyone’s blog. However if carefully blended with your actual favorites, you can sell this link space to potential link buyers who want to market their blogs that usually have a lower PR compared to yours.

The per link sale price for a month can vary from a dollar to any amount based on your PR. I can imagine that one can easily sell 10 or 12 links that has the potential of fetching a few hundred dollars per month without any sweating effort. However, you may not want to link mediocre blogs from your blog nor do you want be too greedy by selling to too many. Some good marketing and careful picking is is all it takes.

For the above purpose, the blogroll does not need to be present in a highly visible area like the top portion of the sidebar. The footer area can be made a little taller to accommodate these links, which is good enough for normal PR considerations if not exactly for traffic.

The following could be the criteria for selling blogroll links:

– You may want to restrict the number of links that you want to sell, ideally less than your actual favorites
– Quality of the linked sites should be carefully analyzed
– Restrict the links to blogs alone and if possible, those dealing with the same topics as yours
– Pick the link titles that is SEO friendly for you as well as the buyer

Good luck with you blogroll marketing!


  1. Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. I heared the announcement that alexa has changed its ranking algorithm. I am little happy with this change because my website got little improvment. see new alexa ranking for Fortune Park Hotels Ltd.

  3. Hmmm. I just wrote an article on how Google finds and penalizes websites. Somehow, I think that this advice shouldn’t be given. 🙂

    You mention the use of keywords as anchor text (link titles) for links in the blogroll. This is definitely sort of walking a fine line… Google would surely sniff these out as paid links and slap on a pagerank penalty or ban….

    Shirley’s last blog post… ALT vs. TITLE Attributes For Images in HTML

  4. @Shirley, this was written at a time when blogroll ad networks such as ‘blogrolled’ was not there. It was only TLA then and a few others emerging… However, people have been ‘selling’ links even then I guess 🙂

    As for the penalty from Google, no matter in which section links appear, they are all considered ‘paid links’ by Google – probably driven by keyword checking… That’s why now, I keep telling people to monetize PR links ‘seasonally’ ie. the month following the PR update is okay, then stop till next PR update and so on… This way you get to monetize 4-5 months a year 😆


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